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Bryan A. Woods, Attorney at Law

Bryan Wood contactBryan Woods has been practicing law in San Antonio, TX for over 30 years and is a Board Certified attorney with a speciality in Consumer and Commercial Law. He graduated from the University of Texas at Austin and obtained a BA with honors in marketing in 1978. Bryan attended the joint law/MBA program, obtained his law degree from the University of Texas at Austin in 1982 and has been licensed to practice since May of 1983. Bryan has tried many cases in arbitration and before juries and judges.

Collected Millions of Dollars for his Clients

Bryan has collected millions of dollars for his clients that have been victims of shoddy construction, foundation defects, water-related issues, and non-disclosing sellers. If you believe you have been the victim of a negligent home builder, call attorney Bryan Woods today for a free consultation or schedule an appointment online to discuss your case.

Free Consultation

Specializing in Construction Law

  • Experience – over 30 years practicing law
  • Flexible employment/payment arrangements
  • No junior associates or paralegals – Bryan does your legal work – your case will not be passed to a lesser experienced attorney or paralegal.
  • Phone calls and emails returned within 24 hours
  • Bryan’s assistant, Paula Oliver, has been with him for over 25 years – you will find her very knowledgeable and friendly

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to aggressively pursue your case with an eye toward obtaining a good resolution. Generally speaking, we prepare the cases to try them – that way if the other side does not make a realistic offer you are ready to try the case. We have collected millions of dollars for our clients that have been victims of shoddy construction, foundation defects, water-related issues, unscrupulous real estate agents, inept inspectors, and non-disclosing sellers. Our clients have won the vast majority of the recent cases we have tried. 

We believe that good communication with a client is important; therefore, we attempt to return all phone calls, e-mails or other inquiries from the client within 24 hours. Our clients receive copies of written documents (correspondence, pleadings, etc.) that we transmit related to the dispute. We do this to keep you informed regarding the status of your case. One of the leading complaints regarding lawyers is their failure to timely and adequately communicate with their clients – if you hire us you will not have this problem!

Bryan A. Woods’ Professional Legal Services Include:

  • Construction Law – construction defects, arbitration, mediation and trials
  • Real Estate Law – new construction, home purchases, home inspections and liens
  • Business Law – litigation involving business disputes


Law Office of Bryan A Woods

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Phone: 210-824-3278
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