San Antonio Foundation Defects Attorney

Improper design and faulty construction of foundations can cause cracks in walls and difficulty with doors opening and closing properly, separation of joints and uneven floors. When a negligent homebuilder constructs a house on a bad foundation which in turn causes the house to shift or fall apart. Either through substandard workmanship/design or contractor negligence. If you are facing this kind of situation you are going to need an experienced constructions defects attorney that can help when the developers and builders have already moved to the next defects Attorneys San Antonio

Foundation Defects

Builders and others routinely tell homeowners that the typical indications of foundation movement and damage – sheetrock cracks, cracks in the brick/stucco, racking of doors and windows, etc. are “normal”. While the construction industry has recognized tolerances of “acceptable” foundation movement, in my opinion in many cases the resulting damage is not “normal”. If you see signs of foundation movement or foundation defects, you should consult a professional immediately so that your case can be evaluated.

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