A common cause of foundation repair in San Antonio and Central Texas is due to homes being constructed with foundations that are inadequate for the soil conditions existing on the site. When an area of town experiences high growth, homes built on marginal land that has volatile or insufficient prepared soil can become more common. Home builders may be more prone to construct homes on this type of land if we are in an “up” market.

Many parts of San Antonio have expansive clay soils. There are a variety of types of clays in the San Antonio area, but most expansive clays shrink and swell as the moisture content of the clays vary. The shrinking and swelling of the soil can cause concrete slabs and homes to crack.

When the San Antonio area is in a drought condition, and then we receive a much needed rainfall, soil that has been in a “shrink” stage may swell based upon increased moisture; if a home builder did not properly engineer or construct the foundation, or properly prepare the lot for construction, damage resulting from foundation movement can become pronounced.

Some volume home builders may utilize a generic foundation plan which may not address the specific soil conditions at the particular lot. If foundation issues become widespread in a subdivision, these issues may decrease the value of homes in the subdivision.

If you own a home that you believe has been damaged by foundation movement, and believe that this movement is attributable to your builder not following proper engineering, design or construction practices, you need to contact an experienced foundation defects attorney.